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14 Feb2023

Summer Hands-On History

George Ranch Summer Schedule Summer 2023 | 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Get hands-on with history this summer at the George Ranch Historical Park with our GRITS team!  These special hands-on experiences will rotate on a weekly basis all summer long. Cost is included with general admission! Want to book your group of 15...

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05 Mar2021

Homeschool Thursdays

Homeschool Thursdays Homeschooling families are invited to the Ranch to enjoy an exclusive TEKS-aligned program, extra activity and self-paced tours! Register online to reserve your spot! NEW: Are you a Fort Bend County resident? Student admission is FREE for these programs thanks to a generous donor! To receive free student admission, you must enter a...

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05 Mar2021

The Fort Bend Connection: New Videos and Educational Resources

Teachers: We know things look a little different in the classroom this year and we want to help! Together with the Fort Bend History Association and the Fort Bend Museum, our team has launched the Fort Bend Connection project to bring Texas and Fort Bend County history to your classroom this year. The plan has multiple components tailored to...

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11 Nov2020

Plug into History: the Runaway scrape

Join Fort Bend Museum Staff member Allison Harrell as she tells you all about the Runaway Scrape! Learn about the uncertainty and danger that plagued early Texas settlers during the Texas Revolution.  Learn more here  

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31 Aug2020

Prairie Rescue Card Game

By ALLISON HARRELL Texian Time Machine & Outreach Coordinator SCENE: You are a pioneer who has been living in Texas for a year, and a few new settlers have been staying with you for the past few days. This morning when you got back from taking care of the chickens, you found a note: “We...

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09 Jul2020

Make Your Own Soap

By MEGAN CROMEENS Site Lead, 1860s Ryon Prairie Home Soap in some form has been around for nearly 5,000 years, as evidence of soap-making was found in ancient Babylon. However, the Egyptians are credited with developing soap as we know it. Here at the Ranch, we have made our own soap many, many times...

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05 Jun2020

Recipe: Cowboy Donuts

Cowboy Donuts 1 cup brown sugar 1 egg, beaten 1 cup milk 2 tsp melted lard 1 tsp. soda 1 tsp. grated nutmeg pinch of salt 2 1/4 scoops of flour pan of melted lard sugar to coat donuts Grate the nutmeg. Blend the sugar and egg. Add the milk and lard, mixing well....

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29 May2020

‘Optic Wonder’ – Make Your Own Thaumatrope!

The thaumatrope was at the cutting edge of science in 1824 — and is still a favorite hands-on activity for kids (and adults!) today. This simple historic toy was a precursor to modern animation. Part science, part history and part art, the thaumatrope works on the idea of “persistence of vision,” a flaw in...

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13 May2020

Spiritualism in the Victorian Age

By ALLISON PARROTT Site Lead, 1930s George Ranch House The next time you visit the George Ranch Historical Park, you’ll get to take a look at upper-class Victorian life during a tour of the 1890s Davis Victorian Mansion. Upstairs, you’ll see the family’s bedrooms – including the childhood room of Mamie Davis (later Mamie...

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08 May2020

Magic Elixir: Snake Oil Salesmen and Patent Medicine of the Late 1800s

By Cassie Munnell and Allison Harrell While the concept of “patent medicine” in America can be traced back at least to the Colonial era, its heyday lasted from the Civil War through the early 1900s. The term “patent medicine” usually refers to elixirs, tonics or liniments protected by trademark – but often containing questionable...

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