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15 Jan2018

History on the Table: 1890s Chuckwagon Beef Stew

In the early days of the cattle industry, before cross-breeding with other stock, Texas beef was very lean. Therefore, it was best cooked slowly over a low heat for a long period of time. Stewing was the ideal cooking method for early beef. This recipe comes from Chef Nick Castelberg’s official George Ranch Historical...

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07 Nov2017

History, Horns and Heat: Part One

By Louise Clare George Ranch Historical Park Intern Hello everyone, I’m Louise and I’m the 2017 intern for the George Ranch Historical Park. Before I delve into all the exciting things I have been getting up to here on the Ranch, I wanted to introduce myself a little. I was born and raised in...

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19 Oct2017

Re-Building an 1890s Smokehouse: An Eagle Scout Perspective

BY ANDREW PHILLIPS George Ranch Historical Park Teen Volunteer When I reached the point in my Boy Scout journey that it was time to begin my Eagle project, there was no question in my mind where I wanted to give back and help.  Having been a lifelong visitor to the George Ranch with my...

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10 Oct2017

Pedaling through History: The Lee Family at Texian Market Days

As you amble around the History Circle for Texian Market Days, be sure to clear a path for the Lee family! Sitting atop their historically-authentic high-wheel bicycles, Lucille and Larry Lee (and their children and grandchildren!) have been staples of the Texian Market Days experience since the very beginning. “We found our first high-wheel...

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15 Aug2017

Saving Heritage Breeds

The Subtle Way Living History Helps Keep Rare Livestock from Going Extinct “Welcome to the Sharecropper Farm!” “Uncle” Bob Beringer’s friendly, booming voice welcomes a group of international visitors to the 1890s Sharecropper Farm at the George Ranch Historical Park. The group approaches the farm’s rustic outbuildings as Uncle Bob motions for them to...

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20 Jul2017

Victorian Flower-Pressing

Hands-On Summer History is in full swing here at the Park and we’ve been having a lot of fun exploring different topics every week! Last month, one of our favorite activities was flower-pressing at the 1890s Davis Victorian Mansion. Flower pressing was a common hobby for Victorian ladies of any social class, as it...

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20 Jan2017

The Many Faces of Coffee

By Daniel KelloggChuckwagon Interpreter Tomorrow: come out to the 1860s Chuckwagon camp to explore the roots of coffee and its variations by delving into the history of one of America’s favorite drinks! You can learn about coffee production of old as well as the many substitutes used when coffee beans were unavailable. Brief History of Coffee...

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12 Jan2017

Embassies and legations when Texas was its own country

By Matthew DriggersHistoric Houses and Group Tours Lead Interpreter During my 16 years working at the George Ranch Historical Park, I’ve been asked a lot of questions. Many overseas guests want to know if Texas was really like John Wayne movies; other visitors are fascinated with the Republic of Texas and the years the...

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21 Nov2016

Workshop Schedule for Christmas in the Park

Christmas in the Park kicks off on Saturday, December 3! Though most activities (including the hayride, wassail and Treehouse Story Time with Santa) are included with general admission, special holiday workshops will be held every Saturday for those wanting to dive deeper into the Christmas traditions of the many cultures that created Texas! Cost:...

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30 Sep2016

Ranch Life: Cow Hunts, Beeves and the History of Cattle Drives

BY SARAH LERCHGeorge Ranch Historical Park Intern Tomorrow, the George Ranch Historical Park will recreate a centuries-old tradition—rounding up cattle and bringing them to market! Roundups Traditionally, a roundup (or “cow hunt”) was held over a period of several weeks from late spring to early summer and again in the fall. Henry Jones, who...

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