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13 Sep2016

GRIT Volunteers: Our Biggest Crew Yet!

By Hannah MosesPrograms & Volunteer Coordinator This year was our biggest student summer volunteer crew yet. Eighteen students completed the summer program — including some first-timers and some in their third summer with us! The acronym GRIT (George Ranch Interpretive Teen) really captures the essence of volunteering at the Ranch — a strong character and...

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27 Jun2016

An American Tradition

By Krystal Willeby, Director of Programs July 4. Independence Day. America’s birthday. By any of its names, the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 holds a special place in our country’s history and heritage. As we make our plans for this July 4, let’s take a moment to look to...

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01 Jun2016

Hands-On Summer History!

School’s out for summer and if you’re looking for a great day trip with the kids, we’ve got some fun activities planned every week! Every day at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., we will host the Hands-On History Hour. These special hands-on experiences will be offered throughout the Park and will rotate on a...

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25 Jan2016

Cattle Branding in Texas

By CHRIS GODBOLDCurator of Collections Cowboys have branded cattle in Texas since it was a Spanish colony. Early Texan colonists used initials, numbers or pictures on their brands. Brands were used to mark ownership of livestock. Ranchers could claim any non-branded livestock found on their property. Texas counties began registering brands in the days...

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14 Dec2015

Last-Minute Gift Guide

‘Twas the week before ChristmasAnd we’ve given a thoughtTo some last-minute presents —Some historic, some not! Stuffed longhorns and cowboy hats,Ornaments and books,Our gift shop has everything —Come take a few looks! Check out our gift guideAnd here’s a good reason:Support Texas historyThis holiday season! George Ranch Historical Park Ornaments:featuring the 1830s Jones Stock Farm and 1890s Davis Victorian...

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08 Dec2015

Postcards and Christmas Decorations in Victorian Texas

By CHRIS GODBOLDCurator of Collections​ People living in mid- to late-Victorian (1870-1901) and Edwardian (1901-1910) Texas enjoyed sending postcards. Folding greeting cards, while available, were not widely sent; early postcards were printed with artwork, an advertisement or left without a design on the front. Photos were not added to postcards until around 1900. Soon...

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01 Dec2015

Join us for a historic Christmas activity class this month!

Christmas in the Park starts in just four days and we’re running around like crazy getting everything ready for our historic Christmas celebration! There’s nothing quite like a Park Christmas, and we’ve got a special bunch of historic activities planned for Dec. 5. 12, 19, 22 and 23. Most importantly (for the kiddos, at least!), Storytime with...

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20 Nov2015

Hammering through History: Meet the Blacksmith

It’s definitely not your typical desk job: When Robert Swim gets to work each day, he picks up his hammer, dusts off an anvil and heats the forge to a blazing temperature. But he’s doing so much more than playing with fire for a living: He’s connecting with more than three millennia of human...

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27 Oct2015

Skull-Cracking and Snapdragon: Games We WON’T be Playing on Halloween

BY Hannah MosesPrograms Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator Halloween is just three days away and we are excited to introduce our guests to some forgotten historic Halloween traditions here at the George Ranch Historical Park! If you come out to our 1830s Jones Stock Farm, you’ll get to try your hand at some fortune telling games...

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31 Aug2015

More Texas, Please: Top 10 Ways to Add Western Flair to Your Event

It’s easy to get into the cowboy spirit at the George Ranch Historical Park. Brilliant blue skies, 200-year-old oak trees, turn-of-the-century buildings, Texas longhorns grazing in the fields…you can’t help but feel the true Texas spirit out here. But if you’d like to take your event to the next level, here’s a list of the top...

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