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Traditional Blacksmithing Skills I – CLASS

Traditional Blacksmithing Skills I: May 19

Geared for beginners with little or no metal-working experience, this skills-oriented blacksmithing class will teach students about fire, shop safety, tools, equipment and basic forging skills, including drawing out, twisting, forge welding, punching and scroll work. Students will finish a few small items that they will be able to take home.

Participants must wear cotton or wool clothing (no synthetic materials) and closed-toe shoes. Students also must bring their own eye and ear protection. Costs of materials are included in the cost of class. All blacksmithing classes are a single 7-hour class with a lunch break. You are welcome to bring your lunch or come and go as you please within your 7-hour class period.

Date: Saturday, May 19

Times: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Location: Blacksmith Shop (Meet at GRHP Visitor Center)
Instructors: Caitlen Hill, 1890s Site Lead and Blacksmith
Cost: $150
Number of participants: Maximum: 4
Restrictions: Ages 17 and up


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