NOTE: The Park is open to the general public; please follow the signs to the temporary Visitor Check-In location at the historic Post Office building. Cattle demonstrations take place at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. only, so come early!

Saturday Spotlight: WWII Winter Encampment

On Saturday, January 26, visit the George Ranch Historical Park for an unforgettable look into World War II. Meet the troops at multiple encampments and watch the Axis and Allied forces maneuver and battle it out. And don’t forget to visit the American Homefront at the 1930s George Ranch Home to see how they are providing support to the Western Front! All activities are included with general admission.

Ongoing Activities:

Allied Forces Camp at the 1930s Fields by the Linke House

Axis Forces Camp at the Davis Mansion Oak Grove

WWII Homefront at the George Home

Scheduled Activities:

10am – Allied Weapons and Military Vehicle Demonstration

11am –  Axis Weapons and Military Vehicle Demonstration

1pm – WWII Military Battle Reenactment

WWII Historic Lunch

Our historic foodways department will also offer a World War II Rations Historic Lunch at noon. Menu includes Meatloaf, S.O.S (creamed chipped beef), Green beans w/ bacon, Glazed Sweet potatoes, Baked beans, Fortified Army bread (homemade), Chocolate bars, Assorted fruit pies, Coffee, Tea and Water. Cost for the meal is $15 for adults ages 13 and older; $12 for children ages 5-12 and $4 for children 4 and under. Book your meal online here

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