SPRING BREAK WEEK: The Evolution of Technology

March 13-17, 2018

Spring Break: The Evolution of Technology

This spring break, join us for some evolving fun as we explore 100 years of inventions and technological advancements. From the cotton gin to the sewing machine to the tractor, technology would forever change how we lived in each progressive generation.

  • Use a cotton gin in the 1830s and learn how this important invention would change history, for better and for worse.
  • Explore laundry from multiple sites and trace how it evolved from backbreaking labor in the 1860s to the introduction of of newfangled 1930s appliances that made life easier.
  • Help patch barbed wire at the 1890s Line Camp while exploring how this simple invention changed ranching forever.
  • Plus, a whole host of other exciting and unique activities will be featured all week long! For a full listing of events, please visit https://www.georgeranch.org/programs-events/spring-break/.

A historic lunch will be offered every day at 12:30 p.m. as a wonderful way to round-out your visit. Please call (281) 343-0218 to make reservations for the historic meal.