Summer Hours June 1- August 7: Open to the public Tuesday through Friday from 9-2 and Saturdays from 9-5! Get tickets here!

Pioneer Life: Team Building & Leadership Training Experience

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There is nothing like experiencing the hardships of pioneer life to teach important leadership skills and reinforce the need for teamwork. You will be transported back in time, forced to brave the elements, build your own homestead and prepare the crops for the season’s harvest. Each person will be assigned to a pioneer family and will then be given a familial role and corresponding tasks that will determine their competency in solving problems. An abundance of innovative role-playing elements reinforce the educational experience and provide an immersive historical environment. The program concludes with an analysis of the session, led by your pioneer advisor, accompanied by a complete barbecue meal.

For information on pricing and availability, please contact or 281-343-0218 x267.