Please visit us at our new TRANSITION Visitor Center located at the back (north) end of the parking lot.

Heritage Trail

The new self-guided handicap accessible George Ranch Heritage Trail meanders in a half mile loop along one of the most serene and picturesque sections of Dry Creek.   A series of beautifully hand illustrated interpretive panels provides insight into the lifestyle adaptations made by early Texas settlers to survive and utilize the bountiful natural resources of the prairie. The mission of the trail is to encourage an appreciation for the challenges and rewards of working with the soils,  flora and fauna, and climate in an unfamiliar and frontier environment.  Several arbors with benches provide guests the opportunity for quiet reflection and nature watching.  There is abundant wildlife including many permanent and migratory birds, American alligators, red-eared sliders, and the seldom seen bobcat.

 “I can sit on the porch before my door and see miles of the most beautiful prairie interwoven with groves of timber, surpassing, in my mind, the beauties of the sea. Think of seeing a tract of land on a slight incline covered with flowers and rich meadow grass for 12 to 20 miles” – John Brooke, an early settler in the tall grass prairies of Texas, 1849