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Meet Our Staff

George Ranch Historical Park Staff

Site Director: Adrienne Barker (281) 343-0218 x117

Programs Department:

Director of Education: Celeste Sherer (281) 343-0218 x278

Programs and Volunteer Coordinator: Kevon Hunter (281) 343-0218 ext. 222

Site Lead: 1830s Jones Stock Farm: J.R. Thomas (281) 343-0218 ext. 246

Site Lead: 1860s Ryon Prairie Home: Megan Cromeens (281)-343-0218 ext. 230

Site Lead: 1890s Ranching Heritage and Farming: Bob Beringer (281) 343-0218 ext.309

Site Lead: 1930s George Ranch Home: Allison Parrott (281) 343-0218 ext. 252

Visitor Services Department:

Director of Visitor Services: Anna Hopkins (281) 343-0218 ext. 258

Education Sales & Outreach Coordinator: Maggie Trinker (281) 343-0218 ext.269

Housekeeping Supervisor: Pamela Ryan

Corporate Sales and Events Department:

Director of Corporate Sales & Events: David Comerota (281) 343-0218 x267

Event Coordinator: Ashley Gonzalez (281) 343-0218 x260

Maintenance & Logistics Supervisor: Christopher Reyes 281-343-0218 x308

Fort Bend History Association Staff

The George Ranch Historical Park is managed by the Fort Bend History Association, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to sharing and preserving Fort Bend County and Texas history. For more information about the Association, please visit

Executive Director: Claire Rogers (281) 342-1256

Administrative Services Manager & Membership Coordinator: Daniela Abrego (281) 342-1256

Chief Curator of Collections: Chris Godbold (281) 343-0218 ext. 237

Director of Development: Zarinah K. Poole (281) 342-1256