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Home School Programs

Dates: January 24 and 25, 2018

Program Times: 9:30 a.m. and Noon

Ages: 4 to 15

Student Price: $7/student per program.

Adult Chaperone Price: $8/chaperone per day. Parents must accompany their children throughout all programs and activities. All students must be supervised at all times.

Program Choices: Pioneers in Texas / From Pasture to Parlor

Booking: Email education@georgeranch.org, call 281-343-0218, or book on-line below. Note:  Families must register and pay in advance as space is limited. Purchase Tickets for Pioneers in Texas. Purchase Tickets for Pasture to Parlor

Pioneers in Texas

Learn about pioneer life in 1830s pre-Revolution Texas through an exploration of how early pioneers accomplished the essential—food, shelter and clothing—in this new land. Students will:

  • Experience an open hearth cooking demonstration and learn about food acquisition in this new frontier.
  • Discover domestic life with an introduction to the dog trot cabin and a fire-making demonstration. In addition, tour the outbuildings which were critical extensions of the home on an early stock farm.
  • Explore log cabin life through spinning and weaving demonstrations as well as hands-on activities such as hand ginning cotton and finger spinning.
  • Additional rotations may include activities such as Native American sign language, chores or field work.

Book Pioneers in Texas

From Pasture to Parlor

Experience life in 1860s post-Civil War Texas with a visit to the home of Polly Ryon and her husband. Learn about the lives of the different people who helped operate a working Ranch in this era. Students will:

  • Learn about the life of the 19th century child and experience the one-room school house.
  • Discover the life of a 1860s cowboy with interactive activities that explore the Ryons’ ranching operations.
  • Explore domestic service life at a large ranch and participate in the daily chores necessary to keep the ranch running smoothly. Hands-on activities may include laundry, cooking and/or other daily chores.
  • Additional rotations may include activities based on the life of the 19th century ranch owner. Activities may include etiquette, business practices or genteel domestic skills.

Book From Pasture to Parlor

Tales of Texas Homeschool Day

February 22, 2018


  • Capture the independent Texas spirit!
  • First-Person Tales of Historical Figures
  • Hands-On Activities
  • Historical Vignettes
  • Historic Home Tours

Book online now for Tales of Texas Home School Day or contact education@georgeranch.org for more information.