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Spring Break 2015: “Farm to Table Celebration”

Satisfy your craving for family fun this Spring Break and delve into the history of everyone’s favorite subject — FOOD! Discover 100 years of food and food production as we explore the ways and means of food history. Try your hand at plowing and soldier ration cooking at the 1830s. Get hands-on at the 1860s Chuckwagon and discover the magic of herbs at the 1860s Ryon Prairie Home. Learn about food preservation at the 1890s Sharecropper Farm and discover the basics of Ranching at the 1890s Line Camp. End your culinary adventure with a peek into 1930s cattle production and explore the cooking utensils of the 1930s.

A historic Chuckwagon meal will be offered every day from 12:30-2 pm and is a wonderful way to round-out your visit.

Visit the event calendar for Spring Break: “Farm to Table Celebration” dates!