Open for pre-booked Field Trips and Group Tours Tuesday- Friday. Open Saturdays from 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. for General Admission.

Girl Scout Programs


Our Girl Scout badge workshops have been carefully aligned to the Journey activities to create a fun, hands-on programs that meld the best of both worlds. These 90-minute adventures include six badge steps from two badge activity sets and will help your girl scouts travel far along in their individual journeys.

Pricing & Reservations

  • $20 per Girl Scout; $10 per adult chaperone; Park admission is included in program price
  •  Available most Saturdays at either 10:00 a.m. or 2:00 p.m.
  • Minimum of 6 Girl Scouts per program
  • Maximum of 15 Girl Scout per program
  • Advanced reservations are required and can be made at 281-343-0218 ext. 220 or by e-mailing our Education Coordinator.

Helpful Tips Before Your Visit

  • Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled program time and allow at least 90 minutes for your group to complete the workshop.
  • Encourage scouts to dress comfortably for the outdoors and wear closed-toe shoes.
  • Water is allowed into the Park, and we encourage you to bring lots during the hotter months.

Available Programs:


Brownie: It’s Your Planet-Love It!

Historic Hiker: Become a historic hiker and explore the hiking techniques people have used from the beginning to survive and thrive!

  • Learn how early pioneers mapped out their route to Texas and made their way across unexplored and wild land.
  • Study historic trail signs and compare them to their modern counterparts.
  • Compare historic and modern packing gear to discover what we have learned from our ancestors.

Badge Requirements Fulfilled:

  • Decide where to Go: Find a trail.
  • Try out a hiking skill: Learn to follow trail signs.
  • Pack the right gear: Invite an experienced hiker to your meeting.
  • Go on your hike: Do a detective hike.

Sensory Explorer: Using your senses was a matter of survival for early pioneers. Explore your inner pioneer and apply your senses in a frontier setting.

  • Reading the land was an important aspect of early life. Learn how observation skills were necessary in newly settled Texas.
  • Explore the sounds of the prairie and learn how a keen sense of hearing was critical for pioneer life.
  • Help cook a pioneer meal using your sense of touch, taste and smell. Cooking outdoors is an exploration of the senses.

Badge Requirements Fulfilled:

  • Look around: Hold a scavenger hunt in your neighbor or at a park.
  • Listen to the World: Listen for 10 different sounds.
  • Put your nose to work: Play a smelly game with your friends.

Junior: It’s Your Story – Tell It

The Victorian Social Butterfly: The Victorian era was all about the proper rules of etiquette. Come learn these old-fashioned rules which can still be applied today.

  • Participate in a tea party and learn the dos and don’ts of polite conversation.
  • Study Victorian dinner etiquette and try it yourself at our historic dining room.
  • Show your gratitude to your host and pen a thank you note using nib pens and ink.

Badge Requirements Fulfilled:

  • Hold a Conversation: Practice conversation starters.
  • Use Table Manners: Set the table.
  • Say Thank You: Handwrite a thank-you note.

Playing the Past: Where better to experience the Past then a living history park! Join us for an adventure in time as you experience life in different eras.

  • Explore how fashions changed with a look into the different eras of historic clothing.
  • Learn a 19th century traditional skill that most ladies in the era would have known.
  • End the day with a bit of play, with popular games from the 1800s.

Cadettes: It’s Your Planet – Love It!

Working with Wood: Early Texians had to be good with their hands to build and create their households. Let us show you the classic tools and techniques which have stood the test of time.

  • Discover the types of saws used in the Past. Try both a two-man saw and a hand-held saw and see why sawing was so much work.
  • Get handy with a hammer and learn the proper technique for hammering in nails.
  • Experiment with levels and learn how historic structures will settle and shift over time.

Seniors: It’s Your Planet – Love It!

From Cotton to Silk: Learn about how textiles were made at the very beginning. You will never take your clothing for granted again.

  • Learn about the different textiles in early America.
  •  Learn how to card and spin cotton the old-fashioned way.
  • Try your hand at early dying techniques using common household plants.